Or when Mozart travels through time to meet Leonardo da Vinci, Chaplin or the Beatles … More than sixty characters and ten thousand years of history covered in one show!
Mozart, frozen in his famous painting, leaves his dusty museum to explore other eras and multiply unexpected encounters. After enchanting the world with their last two shows “Les âmes nocturnes” and “Au Bonheur des Vives”, the Roussat-Lubek duo returns to us with a creation of enchanting fantasy. “Carte blanche” commissioned by Rolando Villazon, artistic director of the Mozart Woche festival in Salzburg, Magic Mozart celebrates music and theater with poetic humor. Clownish art, mime, acrobatics, puppets and shadow theater come together perfectly in a fast-paced series of eighteen paintings accompanied by the music of Mozart which seems to have been composed expressly for this moment of infinite grace.


Visual conception, dramaturgy and scenic design: Cécile Roussat and Julien Lubek
Artists: Cécile Roussat & Julien Lubek (actors), Antoine Hélou (acrobat), Marine Buridant (contortionnist), David Cami de Baix (actor, acrobat), Alex Sander Dos Santos (actor, dancer)
Lighting and video creation: Julien Lubek
Set design: Atelier In-situ / Fred Lescat & Teddy Voyes
Costumes: Max Rapetti-Maus, Romane Dupont, Romain Marciniak, Guylène Debloedt
Marionettes: Atelier Sedaine / Carole Lallemand, Sophie Coeffic, Sébastien Puech
Paints: Stéphanie Varin Gahren
Voice: Olivier Forgues, Florence Ricaud

Duration: 1:30
Genre: Physical Theater
Nationality: France
Audience Suitability: 7 years old +

Show supported by Ville de Saint-Rémy-Lès-Chevreuse (78) and Smart City Rambouillet (78)

© Les Âmes Nocturnes


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