Hybrid and mixed performance at the crossroads of contemporary dance, hip hop and visual arts.

Reflet takes the audience into a minimalist and sensorial universe where the scenography is one with the dancers.
Weightless on his rollerblades, Xuan LE, freestyle slalom champion, carries us away in an intense and meditative flow of energy, questioning our origins and the relationship we weave with movement in life.
The journey continues with a duo that questions the duality of being.
Between the search for balance and inner exploration, the spectator is invited to the heart of an initiatory and emotional journey where the tangible dialogues with the immaterial.
In a sharing of sinuosities and subtle gestures, the two dancers reflect the encounter with the other, but also a face to face with oneself.


Choreography : Xuan Le
Performances : Shihya Peng and Xuan Le
Lighting design : Paul Agris and Maureen Sizun Vom Dorp
Costume designer : Peggy Housset
Musical creation : Jules Evrard



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