Five strangers receive a mysterious invitation that, one stormy night, leads them, to an old, abandoned building in the heart of the forest.

The visitors will discover that this house has a soul and a personality all its own. When you’ve been invited by the house, and when you cross its threshold, you have the strange impression that it knows you inside-out.

During your stay, it talks to you (that’s right, this house can talk!), it guides you, it reveals aspects of your personality you didn’t know you had. The House and its control box might throw you challenges along the way. But there will also be fun and good cheer, and some amazing acrobatic feats!

Join master trickster Jamie Adkins and his friends for this amazing acrobatic comedy from FLIP Fabrique, where mundane turns to magical, and ingenuity’s always involved!

On this planet, there are just six degrees of separation between us all.
And since there are only five people on stage, what if the sixth person—the missing link—was you?


Original concept: FLIP Fabrique
Co-designer: Jamie Adkins
Artistic Direction: Bruno Gagnon
Scenic Design: Olivier Lépine
Scenography: Julie Levesque
Costumes: Camila Comin
Lighting Design: Bruno Matte
Original cast: Jamie Adkins, Jacob Grégoire, Dylan Herrera, Camille Tremblay, Méliejade Tremblay Bouchard

Duration: 1:10, no intermission
Genre: Contemporary circus
Nationality: Canada, Québec

FLIP Fabrique wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the City of Québec for their financial support.

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