Welcome to rue Eugène Poubelle! A street that looks perfectly normal!

But don’t be fooled, because unusual things are happening on this street! Listen carefully… you hear, now listen, because everything here is music… everything is in tune, everything is transformed. The street and its elements have a second life, and sometimes even more! Nothing is thrown away, everything is recovered, and that’s how the instruments are created.

Let yourself be carried away by this flea market orchestra and its obsession with the right kind of recycling.

Noise becomes sound, noise becomes note, noise becomes rhythm. Pay close attention, let your ears get lost in this musical mishmash and your eyes be taken in by sounds too often ignored.

Are you ready? Then step into their world….


Fabrice Guilbault, Marlène Pécot, Julien Thomas, François Babin, Pierre Derrien, Antoine Bouillaud, Benjamin Giet, Adèle Camara


Fabrice Moreau, Malik Malassis, Florent Prin, Steve Leveillier


Aïcha Boutella +33 1 55 28 31 04


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