Frère Colle Affiche


Finalists of the French TV Show : La France A Un Incroyable Talent – 2021

Born from the unusual union between a bass drum and a snare drum, the Colle Brothers have been drumming since birth.
With “Drum Brothers”, they offer us an original show, a twirling and humorous musical juggling performance.

Between frantic rhythms and poetry, the Colle Brothers cheerfully mix disciplines.
Clément gives the time, Cyril arrives on time, Stéphane, he mostly is at the wrong time.

Everything is a source of percussion, but the artistic predispositions of the trio do not stop there: bagpipes,
flute and guitar enter the dance and objects flutter, both bowling pins and umbrellas.
With this caustic and virtuoso trio everything is talent, fantasy and passion.

Situations and images that haven’t been seen or experienced with drums and percussion before develop
with a fresh lightness during the show which flies by and is anything but only about beats and drums.
Is guitar a drum set? No, it is not. But still enriches the show. Using acrobatics, facial expressions and instruments,
the three brothers create colors, impressions and at the same time they leave enough room for the audience’s own power of imagination.

An interactive encounter that energizes, refreshes and touches.
A family experience for all ages, orchestrated by the colorful brush of director Eric Bouvron.


From: Stéphane, Cyril and Clément Colle
Directed by: Éric Bouvron
Lights: Nicolas Colle
Costumes: Nadège Bulfay

Duration: 1:10
Genre: Musical Humor
Nationality: France
Audience Suitability: +6 years old

Production:  Les Passionnés du Rêve, Madely, LFC et Encore Un Tour.

CréaHon en co-producHon avec Le Centre Culturel JulieJe Drouet – Fougères communauté.
Et avec l’aide du Théâtre « Les Arcades de Buc », de la MJC Théâtre de Colombes, des Villes de Bailly, Les Mureaux, Toussus- le-Noble et des salles de l’ABC de Blanquefort et de l’Ebénisterie de Sainte-Foy-la-Grande ainsi que le souHen de la ville Ambarès- et-Lagrave (résidence au Pôle Culturel Évasion).


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