After 12 years of a uninterrupted world tour and several successful seasons in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Tokyo, etc., Pagagnini gives way to Maestrissimo!

The quartet continues to dare to mix genres and reinvents classical music by fusing it with other musical styles. Through the music of four great musicians, Maestrissimo reviews some moments of fusion of classical music with other styles of music, creating a variety of fun and surprising concerts.

Always in a crazy spirit, this family show will delight fans of classical music, rock, or pop music.

A hilarious show for any audience brilliantly performed by an unrivaled quartet


Conception, creation and direction: Yllana
Artistic Direction: David Ottone and Juan Ramos
Yllana Team: Marcos Ottone, Juan Ramos, Joe O’Curneen, Fidel Fernandèz, David Ottone
Interprets: Eduardo Ortega (violon), Jorge Fournadjiev (cello), Isaac M. Pulet (violon), Jorge Guillén (violon)

Duration: 1h20
Genre: Musical Humor
Nationality: Spain


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